Václav Havel, one of the great Europeans of the twentieth century was at once artist, dissident, writer, and then President of the Czechoslovak Republic and President of the Czech Republic. It was one of those who reconnected his country with the long history of the European continent, beyond the cut off of the Cold War. There is a mystery Havel. How could the same man have lived so many lives? And if the historical circumstances, often opposing, had ultimately strengthened what he was, he could have died a thousand times.

But this film is not hagiography of a flawless hero. Rather, it is a portrait of a paradoxical man: the story of a man who would be brave when it became obvious to him that fear is too degrading, the fate of a writer who had hard time to write, leader despite himself, a man who loved women, rock and roll, drink and smoke with friends, and found himself forced to dress in tails again because of new circumstances. Nothing reverent in this project, but a friendly look, curious and ironic, over a free man.

Andrea Sedláčková

Born in 1967, Andrea Sedláčková studied film at FAMU (Faculty of Film and TV Academy of Arts in Prague), before leaving Czechoslovakia to France in 1989 shortly before the fall of the communist regime to study editing at La FEMIS. Writer, editor of feature films by Michel Deville, Philippe Lioret and Christian Carion among others, she is also the director of numerous TV movies for Czech Television. Her second feature film “Fair Play” (2014) also takes place during the socialist period.


Aired on Arte on November 1st and 16th, 2014 (70’09”)