In the night of the 26th of March 1996, seven of the nine monks from the Tibhirine’s monastery were kidnapped by a group claiming to represent the Armed Islamic Group (GIA). They were brother Bruno Lemarchand, brother Michel Fleury, brother Célestin Ringeard, brother Christian de Chergé, brother Paul Favre-Miville, brother Christophe Lebreton and brother Luc Dochier. Two months later, the heads without bodies of the seven hostages were found near to Medea by a farmer. Fourteen years after this tragedy, we want to understand why, the seven monks whose remains are burried in the stone garden of the Tibhirine’s monastery, were abondonned to their fate.

Gilles Cayatte

Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1962, Gilles Cayatte was first and foremost a film-lover, but soon caught up with reality. He practiced all the television professions, in order or disorder, chief editor (long), cameraman (a little), journalist (very little), producer, and finally director. His work is eclectic, as are his tastes. He passes from aeronautics to sport, from sociology to politics to the denunciation of injustices, wars and repressions. Most of his films have been hailed by the press, and many awards have marked his career. After making about fifty documentaries around the world, he is also interested in fiction today. He is elected to the board of directors of the Scam (French Author guild).

(2016) ERDOGAN the making of a sultan, (2015) Armenian spring – LAGARDERE, Mortelle épopée (2014) Immigration & délinquance / La fabrique du préjugé (2012) Life and death of Robert Boulin (2011) Iran, the bomb at all cost (2008) The 9 lives of Norodom Sihanouk (2007) COLUMBIA Tragedy (Emmy Award) (2006) GOOGLE, The thinking machine (2003) Baghdad is burning.


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