‘The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev’ tells the story of the extraordinarily talented and acclaimed musical family, the Alaevs: Seven grandchildren, two sons, one daughter – and One Papa Alaev (80) a gifted musician, an ex ­wrestler, a sometimes drunk and the indisputable leader of the tribe.

The Alaevs immigrated to Israel from Tajikistan in 1991, during the influx of immigration from the former Soviet Union. They left their fame and fortune behind and had to begin from scratch but managed to succeed largely because of Papa’s Iron fist. Papa decides everything, literally everything, in the family: the name of each grandchild (all start with an A), the musical instrument each family member will play and everyone’s residence: all three generations are crunched into a single house in the suburbs of Tel Aviv.

But time is ticking, and this year Papa will turn 80. He is getting weaker, and this huge question looms heavily over the family: Who will be the next leader of the Alaevs?

‘The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev’ is a film about a family, an extremely talented musical family and about the confidence it gives and the individual fulfillment it withholds. In the 21st century, it worth staying under the family’s protecting wings, even in the price of losing your personal freedom?

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Tal Barda

Tal is a unique mixture of an Israeli-­American-­ French. She got her graduate degree in cinema from Tel-­Aviv University in 2008, and has been working in the documentary film industry ever since, and becoming one of Israel’s most promising filmmakers. She is currently directing a movie for Emmy winner producer Dan Setton (‘A heartbeat away’), producing a film for Emmy winner director Zippi Brand Frank (‘I want to live forever’, Yes docu and Rabinowich Fund) and is just finishing an international co-­production with one of Israel’s senior producers Micha Shagrir (‘Habricha 3G’, Upper Austrian Film Fund, Salzburg Film Fund, Stiria fund). Tal is fascinated by charismatic and unique characters and believes that documentaries have the ability to inspire and make a real change.

Noam Pinchas

Noam was born and raised in Israel. He got his undergraduate degree from Northeast college of Communication, Boston MA. For seven years he has been working as a senior sound designer for films until he decided to leave everything, went to India for 6 months and came back with his debut documentary ‘Hummus Curry’, a portrait of local villagers who face a yearly mass of Israeli loud backpackers. It was the most viewed TV documentary of Channel 8 this year. Noam has been making films ever since, varying from a road film to India with a Israeli rock cult band (‘I saw Giraffes in India’, 2009, Channel 8, Doc-­Aviv FF 2009), a personal reencounter with his handicapped childhood friend (‘The Optimist and the Buddhist’, 2012, Channel 10 and Makor Fund, Doc-­Aviv FF 2012), and a journey of African teen refuges who wish to become Israelis and join the IDF (‘To be like Avi’, 2012, producer, Yes Docu and NFCT, Haifa Int. FF 2012). Noam is always looking for his next documentary, focusing on charismatic, interesting and funny characters


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September 27th 2017 on ARTE
December 6th, 2016 on IKON