Central Europe, 2009: The 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution also celebrates the « other revolution », the unprecedented shift of the eastern block from a planned economy to liberalism. From collectivism to a free economy, the film tells the story of the dramatic changes that disrupted people’s life and the price they had to pay: the price of freedom.

Far from just an economic lecture, a double narration line unfolds the story of individuals in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, intertwined with the critic look of top international experts from IMF and EBRD and the national leaders who conducted this radical transformation. The story, their story, is fascinating, even more now when the question is: how do they face to the current financial world turmoil?

Malgorzata Bucka

Born in Warsaw in 1952, Malgorzata Bucka is graduated in linguistics from Warsaw University and in litterature from Sorbonne in Paris. She is working with the Polish national television TVP when she is fired in 1981 for being part of the bureau of the Union Solidarnosc. She works then for the French channels TF1 and Antenne2 in Warsaw, and after for the German channel ZDF.

Since 1989, she is a free-lance producer and starts directing documentary films in Central Europe and Russia for Polish, French and German broadcasters. She is since 1993 partner in BESTA FILM, an audiovisual production company in Warsaw. Malgorzata lives between Berlin and Warsaw since 1999.


Aired on ARTE December 1st, 2009 at 20h45 (52’46″”)

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