Yvan Sorel is a fighter. The young man runs a tight ship at his mixed martial arts school, “Team Sorel,” in suburban Marseille. As he shares his passion for a sport still struggling to gain a foothold in Europe, Yvan is a role model for many at-risk young people. A strict task master, he successfully improvises the roles of mentor, philosopher and guidance counsellor. He spends his days chasing down funding for a new space, in between training sessions that can vary dramatically depending on his mood. Nicolas Wadimoff (Aisheen, RIDM 2010) knows he is working with an extraordinary subject, and keenly observes the tragi-comic tribulations of a fighter with an endless reserve of homespun wisdom.

Nicolas Wadimoff

Nicolas Wadimoff is a Swiss producer and director born in 1964 in Geneva.

He has directed Les gants d’or d’Akka (1992) – Clandestins (1997) – L’accord (2005) – Aisheen – Still alive in gaza (2009) – Opération Libertad (2012)


Aired on France 2 on January 26th, 2016 (62’18”)