4Shbab is the first Islamist musical channel ever launched in the Arab world. 4Shbab’s story and its protagonists reflect the  melting pot of cultural contradictions that is the Middle East today: how to be modern, fond of music and Muslim?  They want the same things anyone else does in the 21st century, fame, glory, and success. But they want it the Islamic way, without compromising their values. Pop goes Islam will be a way of discovering the inner dynamics of Islam by following Abu Haiba, the boss of the channel, and veiled model Yasmine Osman as they try to achieve their dreams.

Ismail Elmokadem

Ismail Elmokadem is a Canadian-Egyptian Filmmaker/Journalist with experience in Radio, Print and Television mediums. Fully trilingual, he is comfortable working in Arabic, English, and French. For the past three years Ismail has worked exclusively on documentaries and news programs that focus on the Middle East region. He now lives in Cairo after a BA with Honours Degree in Philosophy and Neuroscience (2000 –2004) in Concordia University Montreal, Canada.


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