In October 2015, a police officer was seriously injured in an exchange of shots with a malefactor caught red-handed. The robber took advantage of a permission to leave the prison where he was detained. The drama takes on a national dimension: policemen in solidarity with their colleague are demonstrating under the windows of the Ministry of Justice, political upheavals call into question the supposed laxity of the prison sentencing regime. Dramatic accident of course or bankruptcy of the judicial system? Starting from the emotion and the political controversy stemming from this incident, the director Stéphane Bentura filmed the work of a sentencing judge of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Bobigny.

Stéphane Bentura

Independent Director, Documentary Filmmaker, Chief Editor.
2016 – “Attentats : les visages de la terreur”, 95′, TONY COMITI, FRANCE 3
2015 – “Les marchands d’Hitler”, 62′, SIÈCLE PRODUCTIONS, FRANCE 3
2014 – “Patrimoine de l’Humanité, la face cachée des Merveilles du Monde”, 90′, GALAXY, CANAL +
2013 – “Saint-Tropez, histoire secrète d’un petit port de pêche”, 60′, PREMIÈRES LIGNES, FRANCE 2
2013 – “Stress scolaire : l’obsession de l’excellence” 70′, PREMIÈRES LIGNES, ARTE
2013 – “Lance Armstrong : Qui étaient ses complices” 52′, TAC PRESSE, FRANCE 3
2012 – “Libye : le blogueur et le dictateur”, TAC PRESSE, CANAL +
2011 – “Les bios du village” 52′, ELEPHANT, FRANCE 5
2011 – “Mexique, au bord de l’overdose” 52′, TAC PRESSE, CANAL +
2010 – “Q.I. : Histoire d’une imposture” 52′, PREMIÈRES LIGNES, FRANCE 5
2010 – « De la Françafrique à la Chinafrique », 52′, TONY COMITI, M6


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