How did India become one of the world’s most powerful countries, up to possessing the nuclear weapon, when, not so long ago, Churchill was predicting its collapse?

The Agrawal family, from New Delhi, takes us to a journey through the History of India, since 1947.

The stake is to understand the evolution of a society centered on the high public service legacy of the former colonial power, up to the development of a merging power based on private initiative. How will democratic India face all these challenges?

Beyond the usual clichés of India’s shanty towns, arrogant tycoons and Bollywood, a great historical journey through collective memory, archives, and the complex human geography of one of the world’s main powers.

Laurent Jaoui

After a veterinary school in Toulouse, Laurent Jaoui entered the National Institute for Performing Arts in Brussels (INSAS). There he met Raul Ruiz, whom he would assist on two feature films. Laurent Jaoui then directed or co-directed for ten years eleven short films that won several awards (Le réacteur Vernet, Cambriole).

Since then, he has been writing and directing both documentaries and feature films for television as the documentary “Résistances” in 2015, the film” La Guerre des ondes (Radio Londres 1943-1944)” in 2014 and the documentaries “India’s destiny” and “Obama, the man who wants to change the world” for ARTE in 2012.


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