After half a century of armed struggle, after three failed peace processes, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the most notorious rebel group of the country, and the Colombian government have finally reached a historical peace settlement. The signature of a peace agreement in September 2016 cleared the path to national reconciliation and to the FARC’s participation in the political arena.

Once considered as a terrorist group, its 8000 guerilla fighters, men, women and children have lived and survived in the jungle for decades. They became the oldest guerilla in the world. They have come to realize that nobody will finally prevail. The Colombian government has reached the same conclusion.

It took four years of tough and exhausting negotiations in Cuba to unravel a complex conflict that involves various armed players: the guerilla, the State, militaries and paramilitaries and their millions of victims. All that time, Colombia’s public opinion had mixed feelings: hopes of reconciliation, fatigue, anger against those who had sunk the country into horror.
While the negotiations were somehow progressing, Natalia Orozco managed to have access and establish communication with the rebel commanders’ and the government’s negotiators.

In Havana as well as in urban and rural zones in Colombia, Natalia Orozco’s film chronicles and documents the difficult peace process until its conclusion when the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2016.

Natalia Orozco

Winner of the CPB journalism Award 2014 (best television interview) and two time winner of Simon Bolivar National Journalism Award (2010 and 2011). she is a filmmaker and independent news correspondent. with a BA in journalism, a Master’s in Political Sciences and a Master’s in International Cooperation from Sorbonne University. For ten years, she have being assigned by some of the main news outlets of Latin America and Europe, to cover elections and geopolitical conflicts (RCN TV, NTN24, UNIVISION, CADENA SER (Spain), RFI (France). Beside his work as a reporter she is a researcher for projects dealing with conservation and environment (for Discovery Channel) and international campaigns dealing with Human Rights, she is also cofounder of the independence journalist platform


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