Even declining, the dollar still rules the World. The dollar flinches and the World quakes. The power of the green bill has grown over decades through battles of influence.

The story of the dollar is that of a myth, the myth of the “American dream”
With the sharp decline of the dollar are we witnessing the end of an era?
This documentary film tells the fabulous story of the greenback from its birth to its recent misfortune. This saga of economics and politics is told through live interviews and film archives.

May it rise or may it fall, it is generally the other party that is touched by the negative consequences of the dollar’s movements. The exporting of one’s deficits is a “privilege”. However excessive it may seem, this advantage is only tolerated, by the fact that the dollar is reserve-backed money, and an international currency. This privilege has grown, since the end of the Second World War, akin to the growth in power of the United States of America. In this sense, the dollar is symbolic of the economic efficiency, and the imperialism of the United States. The question today is : are we witnessing the end of an era ?

Alain Lasfargues

After being graduated in law and Sciences Po Paris, and then IDHEC in the “direction” section, Alain Lasfargues started an impressive career of documentary film maker; his works – over 40 films – have been broadcasted in France by Arte, France 2, France 3, Canal+. Since 1998, he is the CEO of AVIDIA, a post-production company


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