Two thousands years after the Jewish Kingdom came to an end with the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple, the story of exile and return defines Jewish identity. Exile, all serious historians agree, is a myth. The truth is that the majority of the Jewish population continued to live in biblical Israel after the Roman victory. If exile is indeed a myth, what did happen to the survivors of the rebellion? Some say their descendants are the Jews of the Diaspora. Others say their descendants are the Palestinians. Is there an evidence that proves either claim, or are they both attempts to use history for political purposes. What role do the myth and counter myths play in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians? Exile will be an innovative 90 min documentary investigation into the myth, weaving animation and a variety of other documentary techniques.

Ilan Ziv

Ilan Ziv was born in Israel in 1950 and came to the United States after fighting in the Yom Kippur (The October) War in 1973. Ilan Ziv is a graduate of New York University film school, and in 1978 he co-produced New York’s first Middle East Film Festival. His most recent film Jesus Politics; The Bible and the Ballot, a personal examination of the role of religion in American politics is currently playing on many PBS stations.

In June 2007 his film Six Days: the war that changed the Middle East opened theatrically in New York and was broadcast around the world including on PBS in the United States. “Helmet” Ilan Ziv provides invaluable perspective and fresh insights while offering an enlightening history lesson with the narrative momentum of an engrossing drama” -Variety. “Six Days gives the Battle of Algiers, a run for its money“ –Time out .His other critically-acclaimed films have included On the Edge of Peace (1995); Tango of Slaves (1994); and Human bomb (2002) hailed by the New York Times as “gripping and important”. His films have been broadcast by leading television networks and presented in film festivals around the world. Ilan Ziv has been a pioneer in the United States of developing a new kind of television documentaries where ordinary people working in collaboration with professionals are producing personal records of their lives. Ilan Ziv produced and co produced “Video Diaries” with the BBC, ARD, Israeli Television, IKON (Dutch TV), PBS (US) and Channel 4 in the UK.


Aired on Radio Canada on March 29th, 2013le 29 Mars 2013
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Aired on RTS2 “Histoire vivante” on November 12th 2017

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