Are we safe in France? Is delinquency exploding, stagnating or receding? How do we balance the “feeling of insecurity” with the reality of delinquency?

For decades, the theme of insecurity has been the subject of political exploitation in the public debate. The proliferation in the media of violent facts transformed into social facts, exacerbates fears and confuses minds. Police and justice are under pressure, commonly criticized, the first for its excesses, the second for its laxity, the two sets back to back.

The director Stéphane Bentura has been investigating for several months in Amiens, an agglomeration of 180,000 inhabitants: a miniature France with its bourgeois city center, its suburban areas, its large ensembles, its rural and peri-urban environment. Victims, local elected officials, magistrates and policemen, each in his role, make an inventory of delinquency and its police and judicial treatment.

Stéphane Bentura

Independent Director, Documentary Filmmaker, Chief Editor.
2016 – “Attentats : les visages de la terreur”, 95′, TONY COMITI, FRANCE 3
2015 – “Les marchands d’Hitler”, 62′, SIÈCLE PRODUCTIONS, FRANCE 3
2014 – “Patrimoine de l’Humanité, la face cachée des Merveilles du Monde”, 90′, GALAXY, CANAL +
2013 – “Saint-Tropez, histoire secrète d’un petit port de pêche”, 60′, PREMIÈRES LIGNES, FRANCE 2
2013 – “Stress scolaire : l’obsession de l’excellence” 70′, PREMIÈRES LIGNES, ARTE
2013 – “Lance Armstrong : Qui étaient ses complices” 52′, TAC PRESSE, FRANCE 3
2012 – “Libye : le blogueur et le dictateur”, TAC PRESSE, CANAL +
2011 – “Les bios du village” 52′, ELEPHANT, FRANCE 5
2011 – “Mexique, au bord de l’overdose” 52′, TAC PRESSE, CANAL +
2010 – “Q.I. : Histoire d’une imposture” 52′, PREMIÈRES LIGNES, FRANCE 5
2010 – « De la Françafrique à la Chinafrique », 52′, TONY COMITI, M6


Aired on France on April 6th 2017 at 11pm.

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