Remember… On November 9, 1989 thousands of East-Germans were jumping over the wall, symbol of the split of Germany into two countries since the end of World War II. What has been François Mitterrand’s role in a process that would lead to the reunification of the two Germany? Why did he visit Mikaël Gorbatchev after the war fell down? Why did he go to East Germany while the communist régime has just collapsed? What could be the part played by France in a go game which was to change the world map? What did really happen between Helmut Kohl and him? Has he really tried to slow down or to take in hand the reunification of the two Germany, or did he have in mind another plan for Europe that he was chairing at the time?

20 years after, all emotions have calmed down. The images broadcasted at that time on the main TV channels and most importantly, private interviews with the insiders of this events tell us in a confidential tone, tell us the story from the inside. Patrick Barbéris goes back over behind the event, its stakes, its developments, its negotiations and its secrets.

Patrick Barbéris

Born in 1951, Patrick Barbéris is an author-director graduated from Idhec in editing-directing and awarded by the Villa Médicis hors les murs. His documentary films are broadcasted in prime-time on the main French channels.

Among his last works: “Place aux jeunes” a 90′ for RTBF in 2016, “Blouses blanches à Kaboul” a 52’ for France Télévisions in 2013 and “Mitterrand et le monde” 90′ en 2011 for Arte.


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